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Fast Forward Science Award 2020

The APPLAUS project has applied for the “Fast Forward Science” competition 2020 with its educational films and the APPLAUS project pain therapy documentary:

ERDF Project of the Month June

APPLAUS was awarded the ERDF project of the month June 2020:

Welt der Krankenversicherung

In its May 2020 issue, the "Welt der Krankenversicherung" published a detailed report on the therapy program for young adult pain patients developed as part of the APPLAUS project, including the therapy-accompanying pain application “pAiN-T”.

Westfälischen Ärzteblatt

The Westfälisches Ärzteblatt reported on the APPLAUS project.

Medecon Ruhr Magazin

The April 2020 issue of the Medecon Ruhr magazine reported on the APPLAUS project and the pAiN-T(herapy) app.

WDR Local time Ruhr

During the 2020 Telemedicine Awards, the APPLAUS project was presented as part of the program “Lokalzeit Ruhr” on WDR television. The project lead, Dr Sabrina Schenk, took part in a live news interview to introduce and describe the APPLAUS project for the general public.

Witten Transparent

In January 2020, the magazine Witten Transparent released an article about the telemedicine prize that was won by the APPLAUS project.

Telemedicine Prize 2020

The APPLAUS project received the telemedicine award for its therapy-accompanying pain app pAiN-T. Daniel Zenz (SmartQ) and Dr. Sabrina Schenk presented the project at the 10th National Telemedicine Congress of DGTelemed from the 13th - 14th of January 2020 in Berlin. The prize is awarded annually by the German Society for Telemedicine (DGTelemed). Institutions, individuals or interdisciplinary working groups or project initiatives that have made a special contribution to telemedicine and whose services correspond to the goals of DGTelemed are awarded. More information can be found here.

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